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Beetiful Facial Cleansers

Skin is a living and breathing organ, what we put on the outer layer of our skin should be just as healthy as what we put inside our bodies. There are 2 layers to the skin, the outer epidermis, and the inner dermis. The outer epidermis consists of dead skin cells and oils, cemented together to form a protective layer; it covers the living skin cells (inner dermis) underneath to protect them from toxins. The inner dermis are new cells (forms from inside the body, hence; we are what we eat) that are pushed towards the surface of your skin after the removal of dead skin, known as cell turnover. Our body produces a new epidermis about every 30 days. One can enhance cell turnover by gently exfoliating daily which will help maintain skin’s youthfulness. Pamper your skin with Me’s Beetiful Facial Cleansers that has a extremely mild natural gentle exfoliator as well as your skin's daily dose of vitamins and minerals. A well known fact in skin care is that everyone have different unique skin that should be treated with skin benefiting ingredients made to tailor ones specific skin type. Keep in mind, skin types aren’t permanent, it is something that shifts overtime as we age or over a course of a month or two. ME offers 3 different gentle facial cleansers: Scroll Down

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